You may already be tracking your website’s visitors. But if your analytics reports are not giving you information that seems highly relevant, or helping to direct your marketing and grow your business, you are missing an opportunity.

Even with Google Analytics (and Google Tag Manager) up and running, it’s not easy to see the insights that really matter to you. That’s because Google doesn’t know your business. It has the power to collect a lot of great data, but it presents it in a very generic way.

  • The measurement strategy for your website starts with your business goals, and cascades down to your website goals, and then to the goals for each web page.
  • Website Insights will provide you with tools to help you define your own ‘goals cascade’, and configure your website analytics to track what’s important to you.
  • With our help, you can have Google Analytics reports and dashboards that mean something to you.
  • Website Insights will tailor a session according to your needs – you might be starting out, not yet knowing how to access your Google Analytics reports, or you may be further advanced, looking to get more relevant information out of your reports.
  • We can help you understand which data is most relevant to your business and what you should be looking for.
  • When you need to share data with others, for example, staff or board members, the Google Analytics Reports can be a little overwhelming. Website Insights can solve this for you by setting up reports using flexible reporting tools on top of Google Analytics.
  • You can then run these reports whenever you want to. They can reflect your branding, they will be organised to reflect your website and its goals, and will clearly show the indicators that you want to track. These reports can also include data that has been imported from other sources, for example, your customer database.
  • Your website may not be your top priority when you’ve got many things to juggle. Yet it is your virtual front door, and an opportunity to welcome new customers.
  • You can get to know your online audience and their experience with your website by measuring the right things. You can grow their engagement with your business by using this information to take action.
  • You want to keep your message fresh and on-point. We can discuss ideas for content with you, conduct research or interviews, and prepare copy for your website or blog.