Web Analytics Uplift

Web Analytics Uplift

Are you spending time and money on online marketing, yet you are not systematically track results? How do you know what’s working and what’s not?

Web analytics services

First you need to know what data is already available to you and how you can use it to your advantage.

Next, your Measurement Plan will be tailored to track what has value to your business:

  • Identify your website’s goals and track them
  • Cross-domain tracking if your website interfaces with landing pages, course pages or other services
  • Conversion tracking for your ads
  • Your campaign tagging plan
  • Differentiate your market segments so you can talk to each of them
  • Interactive, automated, shareable dashboards that provide your data feedback loop.

Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4

I follow a standard methodology to implement Google Analytics. This ensures the resulting data is fit for purpose and answers questions that are relevant for your business. Getting the configuration exactly right does make a difference.

Google Analytics 4 (usually referred to as GA4) is the new generation tool. We’re still in early days for GA4. The recommended course of action is to start collecting data with GA4 in parallel to your GA implementation.  Then, when the old tool is phased out, you’ll be ready. I can help you with advice on GA4, or with a parallel implementation.

Website optimisation

Analytics can guide small improvements on your website that make a big difference.

Website Insights’ marketing analytics services start with a website audit.

Book a no obligation call with a Google Analytics consultant (I’m in Southbank, Melbourne, so available to talk in Aussie hours).

Make online marketing decisions confidently, using data.