Coaching – cover the bases of online marketing


Coaching – cover the bases of online marketing

Are you a busy small business owner or start-up with the digital marketing conundrum? You can’t afford the time to learn/do it all, can’t afford to outsource it, yet can’t afford to be left behind.

You’ve heard all the reasons why you need to get started with online marketing:

“SEO is a long game – in a year you’ll wish you had started a year ago”
“You need a lead magnet so you can start an email list”
“SEO brings 1000% more traffic than organic social media”
“You need to show up regularly on social media” …

… and on it goes

But that doesn’t help YOU right now.

Here’s a way that you can get started and take positive action at your own pace.
Guided by a data feedback loop and coaching, you can learn the ropes of digital marketing, and learn to make decisions confidently for your own business. You can make incremental gains each month. You’ll see what’s working and what’s not. You will be in a better position to outsource if and when you are ready. You will not get left behind.

First, you will get your own digital dashboard so you can measure your progress and see what is working best for your audience.

Over a few months, at your own pace:

  • You will be measuring the outcomes you want from your website and the drivers of those outcomes
  • You will be underway with SEO
  • You will have an optimised Google My Business profile
  • You will be familiar with social media automation tools, and you’ll be measuring the impact of social media (not just the vanity metrics)
  • You will get help to create a lead magnet and start building your email list
  • You’ll know how to keep track of what your competitors are doing online
  • If you want to, you might be managing a paid advertising campaign with confidence.

Depending on how fast you want to go, from AUD 210 + GST per month.

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